Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Making Money Online Story

My name is Glen Ciborowski and I'm a recent college graduate as of December 2008 with a Masters degree in Information Systems. During my final year of undergraduate studies in 2006, I wanted to see if there was any money to be made online. I was tired of having hobbies that took money out of my pocket and now I have one that puts money in for a change.

When I started this hobby, my goal was to make enough money to pay the $450 rent I had each month. Since I started, I now pay the rent and my internet bill each month with my online earnings. Now I want to be to able to pay all of my bills with the money I earn online so I am free to spend the money I make at my real jobs teaching and developing desktop/web applications.

My Making Money Online Findings

For the past three years, I have been in search of the perfect program to earn money online. Through all of my research I now know that there isn't one be-all end-all program for making money, instead the answer lies in a collection of programs.

I have finally found what I believe is the perfect opportunity for me that has me on my way to achieving my goal of paying all of my monthly bills with my online income. Everything I do online is geared towards boosting this collection of programs because they complement each other.

If you live in the USA you can check out my system by clicking here.

The best part about his program is people can get started with NO up front out of pocket costs. The program will grow and can be leveraged into additional income by following simple instructions. Those who join will find that by sharing their story, as I have done on this page, it is easy to find others who want to make money online. This collection of program requires NO monthly fees, so when someone gets started they just keep on earning!

gpcdon's Favorite Places to Advertise for Free

ClixSense - I convert my earnings to ads at only 20% cost.

If you advertise on a traffic exchange, they give you one visitor for each two sites you visit, so your 'cost' is 100% or double, right?

With ClixSense I convert my earnings to ad credits so I don't have to pay the $3 to get a check. Then I pay 600 credits for 500 visits for a 20% cost, a much better deal! Not only that, paid ads get so much better response.

Link Referral - Review websites and others will review yours.

All I do is each day I visit 30 websites and review five of them. I start with the ones that reviewed mine the day before. Then I make at least one post in the Forum and I'm done in about 15 to 20 minutes. This pays off with others visiting my site and reading it enough to place a review the next day. Wash, rinse and repeat!

Contact me Skype ID: glen.ciborowski